Založena pobočka Partex Rusko

Malým ceremoniálom bol 31. august 2013 otvorená pobočka Partex Rusko. Sídlo pobočky je v Moskve a bude mať na starosti celú oblasť Ruska. Ceremoniál navštívil manažment Partex Marking Systems AB a taktiež vlastníci: TorBjörn a Sophie Lööf.

New cable marker

 PPQ+ i a new, flat, cable marker for printing in Partex MK10 or MK10-DH. PPQ+ is delivered on 20m reels and comes half-cut with pre-punched holes for eacy application with cable ties. PPQ+ is avaliable in three different widths; 10mm, 19mm and 38mm, all widths with different lengths. The profile will be avaliable in white and yellow.

PPQ+ in different sizes Half cut continuous profile Mounted with cable ties
 Click here to get the full specification of PPQ - or contact Partex for additional information.


PKS: New sizes

Due to enhanced production methods we are now able to offer our stainless steel marker in additional sizes. The new sizes gives us a complete range of premium stainless steel makers and accessories to fit all applications. The new widths are; 19mm, 25,4mm 32mm and 36mm. Each of width comes in at least five different lengths. Our largest stainless steel marker measures 36 x 130mm and can contain a maximum of 41 characters per row over four rows!


PAZ+ replaces PAZ in multi character marking (M2)

As of 1st of January we will change our standard PAZ profile from PAZ to PAZ+ when it
comes to halogen free customized markers (PA+ is already the standard for customized
PVC markers).

The difference between PAZ and PAZ+ is that PAZ+ has a flat top that ensures a better and more consistent print.
Number of characters, and price of the markers will not be effected of this chagnge.

We will continue to offer PAZ profile for customized markers for three
months (until 1st of April) but choosing PAZ markers can result in longer delivery

Article number


Ø mm

Area mm2

Sleeve length

Max no of chars/sleeve





































Partex establishes a daughter company in Russia

Partex Marking Systems AB has expanded its’ international operations further by setting up a daughter company in Moscow, Russia. LLC Partex Marking Systems will be Partex seventh subsidiary company outside Sweden. Its main purpose will be to market and sell products produced at the group manufacturing facilities in Gullspång, Sweden.   

Dariusz Ćwik, Managing Director of Partex Poland for the last 14 years, will be responsible for the organization in Moscow together with Arkadiusz Jozwicki, Export Manager of Partex Poland. The establishment has been realized in a short period of time even though Dariusz Ćwik can tell of some problems along the way;
“We have not been used to the Russian way of working as most things take a long time, while we are used to fast decisions and creative solutions. On the positive side, several potential partners and customers have already shown a healthy interest in our future offer to the Russian market. Partex Russia will initially have five persons employed.”
Partex Group MD, Mikael Persson says;
“Russia is the closest major growth market to us, both geographical as well as from a cultural point of view, which is a good case for Partex to be represented with its own sales organization on that market. Partex’ customers have high demands on quality and service, which we will now be able to offer in Russia as well.”

For more information:
Mikael Persson, Partex Marking Systems
Phone: +46 (0)70 282 10 48

New product: PP+

From 15th of April PP will be replaced PP+. PP+ has a coated layer to ensure longer shelf-life, as well as a flatter surface which gives a better and more reliable print. The new properties also make it possible to print closer to the edges of the profile. PP+ will be delivered in 17m or 50m rolls.

Our old PP-profile will still be available for the next 3 months but a longer deliver time. After 3 months PP will be removed from our product range.


Partex proudly introduce the latest upgrade to our popular ProMark portable marking system. Loaded with new features and improvements, the PROMARK T-800 remains easy to use and produces great quality markers for wires, cables and components. The PROMARK T-800 replaces our last version of the PROMARK concept, MK9-USB.

Click here to find all the specifications of the product.


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